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290x90 pixel Header Ad

For a limited time there is an ad space available in the header of many NordiLusta Web Sites, including the APRHF TrainWeb set of web sites, for only $1,000 per month.

We are in the process of restructuring the entire network of web sites of NordiLusta and APRHF TrainWeb. As we restructure each web site and each page, the clickable 290x90 pixel ad will be added to the header of each. So, the number of pages where this ad will appear is growing every day. Eventually this clickable header ad will appear on thousands of NordiLusta Web Site pages in dozens of NordiLusta hosted web sites.

For a limited time we can offer this space at $1,000 per month on a month-to-month basis during this period of reconfiguration when we can't precisely provide the number of pages where it appears or the number of visitors that will view the ad. Once much of the NordiLusta Web Sites have been reconfigured, this ad space will be more costly to purchase.

There is also a 300x250 pixel ad space available in the left column directly below the text "Why This Ad?". That is also available for $1,000 per month for a limited time. Other smaller ad spaces are available in the left and right columns below existing ads for $500 per month.

All of these ad spaces appear in almost every page of every web site hosted by NordiLusta. The list of these web sites can be found at: (20 web sites) and (27 web sites) . Currently there are over 23,000 web pages where your clickable ad will appear. On average, your ad will be viewed more than 32,000 times per month by over 20,000 unique visitors. The number of pages and visitors at NordiLusta is growing daily.

If you wish to purchase any of the available ad spaces, send email to:

or call 360-861-6041

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